MGTemplateEngine alternative

Those of you who follow me on Twitter already know that I was using MGTemplateEngine for generating appledoc html files. I tweaked it a bit to make it work for me – the main point was to add ability of function-like sections that can be called with arbitrary parameters.

MacBook Pro 13" Impressions

Some weeks ago my late 2007 MacBook Pro 15” started having issues during boot – it presented gray Apple logo with a bar graph underneath which went somewhere near 1/4th the way two times and then the computer would just turn off without any warning. I immediately checked various forums and tried all suggestions, but nothing worked. Luckily I had my Tech Tool Pro 5 DVD ready so I booted with it and performed all bunch of tests, even waited an hour for HD bad sectors search, however no problem whatsoever was reported. I also performed volume rebuild, restarted and voila – OS X booted (still preceded with gray bar graph though). Once there, I ran Disk Utility to repair permissions and it didn’t report any problem.

Appledoc 2.0 examples

In this post, I’ll add links to documentation generated with appledoc 2.0 in time. The post will be updated accordingly.

Real appledoc 2.0 test

In the past days I’ve had an interesting e-mail interaction with a appledoc 1.0 user who had trouble with extracting documentation for methods of the first named section. Whichever section he would put first, it’s methods were not extracted. It’s a strange bug I’ve never experienced before. He even sent me an example header file and it looked correct.

September's progress

Not much activity online in the past month. This post talks about what was going on.

Appledoc 2.0 alpha

As I get more and more reports for issues related to appledoc, and I tend to reply with similar message each time, I decided to write a post about support and news :)

Startupizer open for beta

So you’d like to see what has been going on in our labs? We’re now opening Startupizer for beta testers. We’ve already described what the app will do here, so go ahead and read it and if interested, let us know through our contact form on the contact...

OpenFeedback w/crash reports

I’ve checked several in-app user feedback frameworks, but found Tyler Hall’s OpenFeedback most usable - the code is very readable and consistent and it’s visually appealing as well. However I’ve been missing crash reporting option, so I’ve decided to roll my own.

Startupizer beta approaching

We’re slowly approaching first beta of our first shareware product - Startupizer. It’s advanced login items handler for OSX. Besides handling login items startup, you’re used to, it allows you to change the order of items, enable or disable individual items and what’s even more important specify optional items startup based on time, modifier keys etc. All this allows you to drastically reduce system startup times while still enjoying automated startup of all items you need at specific time!

Xcode project using CoreData

Recently I’ve come across Justin Williams and Martin Pilkingtons posts describing their solutions about working with Core Data in single-window multiple-view applications.

The future of appledoc

In this post I’m talking about appledoc and directions I’m taking it in the future based on feedbacks and suggestions from users.

iPhone like toggle layer

In a project I work on a need arose to have iPhone like on/off switch including the animation. Since I already use Core Animation for other purposes, a custom layer was immediate choice. I was bit surprised by not being able to find an example on internet, so I rolled out my own. In this post I’ll demonstrate the implementation I chose.

New skin, new life...

It’s been more than two months since the last post… But despite the site might have appeared deserted, it was very busy two months. Besides some updates to appledoc, the main focus was on website itself (and the first product, but can’t really talk about it at this point… big secret… some more patience for a little more, stay tuned…).

CoreData, bindings & multiple nibs

Most modern Mac applications are designed around single window / multiple views architecture. Examples are iPhoto, iMovie etc. Although this results in more streamlined user experience, it brings some issues for the developers.

Appledoc 1.0 released

After several long gaps I finally got some time to finish the remaining stuff on the appledoc utility. It now handles all the tasks I need and results in very elegant code documentation. Check it out!

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