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Appledoc contributors needed

Did you ever wanted to work in a great team while giving back to developer community? Now’s your chance: I’m gathering a group of developers that would contribute to appledoc!


Just a quick announcement about me and my work after another quiet period of several months.

Review of 2013

I’ve been neglecting this blog for much of the (now) past year. So it may not seem like it, but 2013 was eventful year for me…

Summer progress

I neglected the blog for a while. It’s full summer here, so I spend my time with family and friends, relaxing and preparing for the upcoming months. I also do a bit of work and I’ll outline it below:

Bringing appledoc to next level

Appledoc became quite popular amongs Cocoa developers, especially since 2.0. It also seen many contributions from various users. But it has become very hard to maintain. In this blog post I’ll describe the reasons and future directions.

Review of 2011

One more year is nearing to its end and it’s time to review the ups and downs. I’ll take a look at how the year went by, what was going on as well as plans for next one.

Restructured appledoc documentation

Previously, appledoc used it’s home page for general info - a hub to source files and documentation which was hosted on GitHub as “pages” feature. Well, no more: with the new layout, it’s now much simpler adding and editing new pages, so online documentation is now part of the main site, available here (also available via submenus in the site top menu as a convenience).

Appledoc 2.0 released!

We’re proud to announce we’ve released appledoc 2.0! It took several months of efforts, but the result is stable and easily extendable platform - what we envisioned for appledoc to be in the first place!

The king is dead, long live the king

The year is almost over. Looking back it’s been eventful for me personally as well as for Gentle Bytes.

MGTemplateEngine alternative

Those of you who follow me on Twitter already know that I was using MGTemplateEngine for generating appledoc html files. I tweaked it a bit to make it work for me – the main point was to add ability of function-like sections that can be called with arbitrary parameters.

Appledoc 2.0 examples

In this post, I’ll add links to documentation generated with appledoc 2.0 in time. The post will be updated accordingly.

Real appledoc 2.0 test

In the past days I’ve had an interesting e-mail interaction with a appledoc 1.0 user who had trouble with extracting documentation for methods of the first named section. Whichever section he would put first, it’s methods were not extracted. It’s a strange bug I’ve never experienced before. He even sent me an example header file and it looked correct.

September's progress

Not much activity online in the past month. This post talks about what was going on.

Appledoc 2.0 alpha

As I get more and more reports for issues related to appledoc, and I tend to reply with similar message each time, I decided to write a post about support and news :)

The future of appledoc

In this post I’m talking about appledoc and directions I’m taking it in the future based on feedbacks and suggestions from users.

Appledoc 1.0 released

After several long gaps I finally got some time to finish the remaining stuff on the appledoc utility. It now handles all the tasks I need and results in very elegant code documentation. Check it out!

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