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Managing reactive cocoa observations on UITableViewCells

I was playing with Reactive Cocoa and Swift 2 lately and came upon common UITableViewCell reuse problem that I could solve in very elegant way. I’ll describe the problem and my solution for it in this blog post.

Massive view controller / MVVM

In this post I’ll talk about MVVM - Model, View, View Model - pattern as another solution to massive view controller.

Massive view controller / data source

When I first started developing on Apple’s platforms (around april 2005), I was immediately impressed by strong architectural patterns embedded into core frameworks. It was part of that attention to detail Apple was and still is notorious for. It spreads into everything they do, from hardware, to software as well as SDK under the hood. In this blog post I’ll talk about one of those patterns and more specifically - problems it may bring and how to deal with them.

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