View based table views in Lion - part 1 of 2

With OS X 10.7 Lion, Apple has introduced many cool features to it’s AppKit. One of those that caught my attention right away, was view based table views. It seemed like the missing widget I was looking for when implementing Startupizer’s items list. So I decided to take a spin as a research for directions for 2.0 release. In this post, I’ll go step by step through a small project gradually adding features until it will look similar to current main window.

Restructured appledoc documentation

Previously, appledoc used it’s home page for general info - a hub to source files and documentation which was hosted on GitHub as “pages” feature. Well, no more: with the new layout, it’s now much simpler adding and editing new pages, so online documentation is now part of the main site, available here (also available via submenus in the site top menu as a convenience).

Startupizer 1.2.1 released!

Those of you who follow us on Twitter, already know Startupizer 1.2.1 and Startupizer lite 1.0.2 updates have been approved by Apple and are now available on the Mac App Store. These are mainly maintenance updates fixing most prominent bugs. You can...

Sporting new look

Gentle Bytes site has new look! This post talks about the changes and reasons for them.

Startupizer 1.2 released!

Another month flew by and another Startupizer update has been released and is now available in the Mac App Store

Startupizer 1.1 released!

Can’t believe how time flies! Another spring is in full blossom, so there’s plenty of activity outside, from work in the garden to relaxing walks. But we are still coding - in fact, last month we were quite busy working on first Startupizer’s upgrade!

Making of Startupizer

Every software has a story behind it and so does Startupizer. In this post, we’ll write about the store behind the Startupizer - from the idea to launching in the Mac App Store!

Startupizer 1.0 released!

Those of you who follow us on twitter already know, but for the rest: Startupizer has finally been approved by Apple and is now available on the Mac App Store at a special introductory price! Go grab it until the price goes up!

Producteev as user support

Handling support and feedback is probably one of the most important things software developer teams face after releasing a product. The simplest way many of us use at the start is e-mail, but that soon becomes too difficult to manage. There are several online solutions available - FogBugz, Lighthouse or it’s “bigger” sister Tender are just few of those most often mentioned by developers.

Appledoc 2.0 released!

We’re proud to announce we’ve released appledoc 2.0! It took several months of efforts, but the result is stable and easily extendable platform - what we envisioned for appledoc to be in the first place!

Everyday software

There are many applications we find invaluable and rely on them for our daily usage. In this post, we’ll write about some of them. Note that our selection of apps reflects our personal needs and tastes and this post is primarily intended to give tribute to these tools and perhaps show various options to our readers. We’re sure many of you have your own personal favorites and many of those would be different from ours. Keep this in mind when reading the article. This post will only cover generic utility apps, we won’t write about apps we use for developing - perhaps we’ll cover them in a future post…

The king is dead, long live the king

The year is almost over. Looking back it’s been eventful for me personally as well as for Gentle Bytes.

MGTemplateEngine alternative

Those of you who follow me on Twitter already know that I was using MGTemplateEngine for generating appledoc html files. I tweaked it a bit to make it work for me – the main point was to add ability of function-like sections that can be called with arbitrary parameters.

MacBook Pro 13" Impressions

Some weeks ago my late 2007 MacBook Pro 15” started having issues during boot – it presented gray Apple logo with a bar graph underneath which went somewhere near 1/4th the way two times and then the computer would just turn off without any warning. I immediately checked various forums and tried all suggestions, but nothing worked. Luckily I had my Tech Tool Pro 5 DVD ready so I booted with it and performed all bunch of tests, even waited an hour for HD bad sectors search, however no problem whatsoever was reported. I also performed volume rebuild, restarted and voila – OS X booted (still preceded with gray bar graph though). Once there, I ran Disk Utility to repair permissions and it didn’t report any problem.

Appledoc 2.0 examples

In this post, I’ll add links to documentation generated with appledoc 2.0 in time. The post will be updated accordingly.

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