Startupizer 1.1 released!

Can’t believe how time flies! Another spring is in full blossom, so there’s plenty of activity outside, from work in the garden to relaxing walks. But we are still coding - in fact, last month we were quite busy working on first Startupizer’s upgrade!

We’ve got a lot of feedback since releasing Startupizer back in february. We try our best to answer all emails promptly, but sometimes there is simply too many. We really appreciate and read every single email! As mentioned in our article about making of Startupizer, we decided to release 1.0 with minimal feature set that still worked for us and then continue based on the feedback. Interestingly, there ware two features that were requested by many of you - delayed items execution and power source based startup conditions! So decision wasn’t hard and we’re proud to announce that Startupizer 1.1 now includes both of them! We’ve also added automatic searching for missing items and possibility to record and emails us detailed runtime logs. We also restructured in-app help and implemented/fixed minor stuff. Enough talking, open the Mac App Store and upgrade your copy if you haven’t already!

There was also great demand for a demo version. We’ve been thinking a lot about this. The simplest possibility would be to have downloadable demo from our website. But we really wanted to include possibility of upgrading, so we’d have to implement that. Not a big deal, we’ve done that already with Sparkle and shine. But that would require maintaining a different set of code. Another issue we were thinking of was what exactly should the demo do - should it have all the features and be time limited, or should it only contain a subset of features? At the end, we decided to go with the last option, and made a lite version of Startupizer, which is also available on the the Mac App Store! It only contains time and modifier startup conditions and limits only a single condition per an item. Additionally it only executes apps after login, not after awake from sleep. But other than that, it’s fully operational.

Lastly, we’ve taken some time to clear some of the most apparent shortcomings of appledoc, so we’ve just released version 2.0.4, available on the GitHub.

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