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Refreshed website look & feel

Finally set foot to update the look and feel of the website. There were several issues with previous layout that I wanted to solve, and I think most of them are met with the new look and underlying rendering engine.

Moving from Word Press to static content

In June, we wrote about our new website look. Some time after that, Matt Gemmell wrote a blog post about “baked” web sites. The concept wasn’t new to us, but the post was published right in the middle of the time when we were playing with local Word Press installation, and due to unnecessary difficulties with the process, it resonated in our mind.

Restructured appledoc documentation

Previously, appledoc used it’s home page for general info - a hub to source files and documentation which was hosted on GitHub as “pages” feature. Well, no more: with the new layout, it’s now much simpler adding and editing new pages, so online documentation is now part of the main site, available here (also available via submenus in the site top menu as a convenience).

Sporting new look

Gentle Bytes site has new look! This post talks about the changes and reasons for them.

New skin, new life...

It’s been more than two months since the last post… But despite the site might have appeared deserted, it was very busy two months. Besides some updates to appledoc, the main focus was on website itself (and the first product, but can’t really talk about it at this point… big secret… some more patience for a little more, stay tuned…).

Here we go!

Allright. So this is the start of this site. Finally… I’ve been so busy over the last months to have no time for preparation of any content. So to speed up the start, I decided to start with a simple blog which I hope will eventually grow into a fully featured web site providing you with content you’ll enjoy.

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