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iPhone like toggle layer

In a project I work on a need arose to have iPhone like on/off switch including the animation. Since I already use Core Animation for other purposes, a custom layer was immediate choice. I was bit surprised by not being able to find an example on internet, so I rolled out my own. In this post I’ll demonstrate the implementation I chose.

New skin, new life...

It’s been more than two months since the last post… But despite the site might have appeared deserted, it was very busy two months. Besides some updates to appledoc, the main focus was on website itself (and the first product, but can’t really talk about it at this point… big secret… some more patience for a little more, stay tuned…).

CoreData, bindings & multiple nibs

Most modern Mac applications are designed around single window / multiple views architecture. Examples are iPhoto, iMovie etc. Although this results in more streamlined user experience, it brings some issues for the developers.

Appledoc 1.0 released

After several long gaps I finally got some time to finish the remaining stuff on the appledoc utility. It now handles all the tasks I need and results in very elegant code documentation. Check it out!

Here we go!

Allright. So this is the start of this site. Finally… I’ve been so busy over the last months to have no time for preparation of any content. So to speed up the start, I decided to start with a simple blog which I hope will eventually grow into a fully featured web site providing you with content you’ll enjoy.

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