Startupizer no longer available for sale

As of September 1st 2019, after 10 years of development, Startupizer is no longer available for sale.

Due to my gradual personal and developer transition away from Apple platforms, it has become increasingly difficult for me to maintain Startupizer. I did my best for the past one and a half years. This is my first true indie software so it was not an easy decision. But ultimately I felt my customers deserve better than I was able to provide, so as hard as it may be, I had to reach conclusion, and after 10 years of development, I am pulling the plug… I sincerely thank each and every customer from all over the world that trusted me with purchase! I hope you find Startupizer useful addition to your daily macOS experience! It should of course continue to work just fine, and I will continue to provide support, both technical and licensing for foreseeable future. However, there is possibility one of future macOS updates will prevent Startupizer from working correctly. In this case I may no longer be able to provide solution. But let’s hope this will not be the case!

I did my best to find alternative solution. Earlier this year, I reached out to fellow developer community trying to fine better home for it, but unfortunately didn’t get any response. I also contemplated the option to open source the code and perhaps prolong the life this way, but for the moment didn’t opt for it either. I am still open for both alternatives. While Startupizer is not profitable enough for me to warrant full attention on its own, it had constant monthly sales without any advertising from my part on the other hand. I feel it still has potential for nice income, especially when added to portfolio of multiple apps. If you are iOS or macOS developer and it feels like a good project for you, definitely contact me!

Again, thanks for all you support and feedback, and who knows, we may meet again in the future!

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