Startupizer 2.3.11 released!

Startupizer 2.3.11 is now available. Recommended for all customers.

This is just internal update to ensure GPRD compliance: in-app contact is now redirected to website instead of using third party handling.

Note: I value my privacy as well as privacy of all website readers and users of my applications. I used third party in-app contact form because it allowed users to attach screenshots or any other file to their questions or reports. This greatly simplified debugging and my ability to help when something didn’t work as intended. However this third party contact form used web server I didn’t control to send the data. It ultimately converted the request into support email and all further discussion was handled directly via email with no intermediate. To my knowledge, no personal information (apart from optional email) was stored on server, but I got no reply from the company when I asked. So I decided to use contact form on website for which I have full control.

On similar notice: this website doesn’t use any cookies apart from Google Analytics. However with this update, I’m also removing GA. I rarely used it, so it didn’t provide a lot of value anyway. I might add it back in the future - I will of course announce any change.

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