Restructured appledoc documentation

Previously, appledoc used it’s home page for general info - a hub to source files and documentation which was hosted on GitHub as “pages” feature. Well, no more: with the new layout, it’s now much simpler adding and editing new pages, so online documentation is now part of the main site, available here (also available via submenus in the site top menu as a convenience).

It was always a pain using separate git branch just to edit documentation, and frankly, distributing the content between three different URLs was confusing even for us… This move also makes editing documentation simpler, using same tools as the rest of the site. Hm, hopefully, this would also make it more frequently refreshed… Well, time will tell :)

Oh, another thing: although there was no larger update for appledoc in a while, we’re still working on it as much as our time permits. We notice all your feedback and try to respond to every request if possible. Currently we’re focusing on other work, so it has to wait a bit. We give priority to fixing bugs with occasional smaller features.

Want to reach us? Fill in the contact form, or poke us on Twitter.