Startupizer 2.3.1 released!

Bug fix upgrade 2.3.1 of Startupizer is now available. Recommended for all customers.

This release addresses couple of crashes related to 2.3.

It never occurred to me how nice and enthusiastic croud of users stands behind Startupizer - big thanks and hugs to everyone reporting the issues! And definitely keep it going, I’m always happy to hear from you, be it good or bad! If you’re feeling shy (I know I do sometimes :) - if you have any question or suggestion, just contact me. You can do it either through Startupizer’s built in contact form (Help menu), or via contact page on this website. And if Startupizer crashes, it’ll detect this on next launch and will offer you to send crash report - please do so, it’s the only way for me to catch up and fix the issue. Also I’d apreciate if you include your contact email address, so I can get back in case I need additional info. I take privacy very seriously and will never misuse your personal information!

Download latest version from Startupizer page. Check history page for release notes.

If you’re upgrading from Mac App Store version see my previous Startupizer 2.2 release blog post for upgrade instructions so that you MAS license will be properly updated. The instructions are also printed on startupizer download page.

Note: 2.3+ requires OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or later!

Want to reach us? Fill in the contact form, or poke us on Twitter.